Kelly's Clocks

I created a photo video of all the clocks I have created over five years. I believe it is all of them and I am still creating.

I attempted to put them in order when they were made. There are stories behind each clock, but I did not go into detail here.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the clocks, please contact me.

Note that most of these clocks have already been sold. The two clocks at the end are available. Thank you for watching.

How to order a one-of-a-kind clock

-  I need details. Is it a gift? Is it for you?

-  Price for a one-of-a-kind clock is between $200 — $500

-  Most clocks take 20-30 hours to make

-  Please note I consider these clocks to be works of art. I create when I am inspired and will do
the best I can to meet your deadline

-  I will not provide any clock to a customer unless I am 100% satisfied with the outcome.


Please contact Kelly at 716-307-1410.