Junk Monkey™️ Paint is our favorite paint to use and we are proud to be an affiliate as well as an authorized retailer. If you have any questions on colors or uses please let us know!


If you would like to try Junk Monkey Paint,  you can use the following link to place an order or stop at Kellys One of a Kinds and Friends in Cuba, NY where you can pick up some to try!


So, grab a brush and go bananas!

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About Junk Monkey™️ Paints


JMP is a clay and mineral hybrid paint with multiple resins is a one-of-a-kind formula with super adhesive properties.

One can is typically enough to complete a standard size piece of furniture, like a hutch, buffet, dresser etc.


Or approximately one can to complete a few smaller pieces such as end stands or chairs.

Apply paint in thin layers. You may lightly sand in between dried paint coats for a smoother finish.